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School Uniform



Pupil’s dress and attention to their appearance is important. It is a policy of the Governors of this school that school uniform should be worn. Parents should fully support the wearing of uniform according to the guidelines. If there are any difficulties in interpreting the guidelines, parents should consult the headteacher.


In all matters to do with uniform, as to the appropriateness of any items of clothing, footwear, jewellery or hair style, the Head Teacher’s decision is final.


The uniform is as follows:-






(Summer term)


White shirt, long trousers (mid-grey),

School Tie,

School Jumper, Socks (grey)

Plain black shoes

White short or long sleeved polo shirt, Trousers long or short (mid-grey), School Jumper,

Grey socks, Plain black shoes


White blouse, Skirt/Pinafore (mid-grey) or School Trousers (mid-grey), School Jumper/Cardigan,

grey socks or grey tights, School Tie

Plain black shoes

Red & White Checked dress

School Jumper/cardigan,

White knee length or ankle socks

Plain black shoes





SHOES Children need sensible shoes for wearing during the day and arriving at school. We allow them to change into a pair of other shoes, e.g. trainers, for activity at playtime. Younger children (Reception, Years 1 & 2) do not normally do this because it may take them too long. For PE, children need pumps for indoor activity and trainers for outside games lessons. Please note: No big heels! No wheels under heels! Trainers are not acceptable for arriving in school or wearing during lessons. Anyone who arrives at school in trainers will be asked to change into pumps for the remainder of that day.


PE KIT Gold top, black shorts (available to buy at school), pumps for indoor PE, trainers for outdoor games. Every child needs a PE bag (available to buy at school although alternatives from other shops are acceptable).


SHIRTS All shirts must be worn tucked into trousers. Shirts in winter uniform must be able to button at the collar, underneath a tie. Polo shirts in Summer uniform should be partially buttoned. (Polo shirts are available to buy at school and Fairtrade polo tops with the school badge are available.)


HAIR Long hair should be tied back to minimise the risk of infestation. Hair accessories should be simple and functional. Extremes of hairstyle are not acceptable, e.g. completely shaved, tramlines, words shaved in, centrally spiked, coloured, thickly gelled or with beaded plaits.


JEWELLERY Watches may be worn and will help children to learn to tell the time. Small studs may be worn as earrings, but ought to be removed for PE and games. Chains with religious medals may be worn inside clothing, but also need to be removed for PE. No other jewellery items should be brought to school ( e.g. rings, hooped or dangling earrings, bracelets, any other kind of necklace.)


COATS Children need a jacket or coat in school. School Fleeces are also available to buy. Denim jackets, hooded tops with jazzy logos or similar fashion items are not acceptable as coats.




Uniform price list and order form