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Meet the Governors

Each Governor brings a different set of skills and experiences to the Governing Body – we have teachers , ex- teachers , an ex-solicitor , members of the Church and representatives  from the business world. Each of us resolving to do our best for St. Joseph ‘s School.

Working together, we are responsible for the overall direction of the school but not the day-to-day running of the school. That is the responsibility of the Headteacher and staff.  Most importantly, we work with the Headteacher and staff acting as a ‘critical friend’, offering support and advice.


Please Note: No member of the governing body is a governor elsewhere. All term of office duration is 4 years.



Mrs Rebecca Willsher – Vice Chair of Governors. I manage a barbershop in Matlock, which has been owned by my family for 38 years.I like to read, watch films, theatre and live music. I was asked to join the Governors after organising a petition to ask the council to look at the road outside our school. Term of Office: 1st November 2013 – 31st October 2017. Presentation Sisters Representative 1st October 2015 – 1st October 2019.No financial / business or third party interest.  I own my own limited company and are a trustee of Nagle Nursery. Appointed by Bishop of Nottingham. Attendance 15/16 – 4/4, 16/17 9/9



Mr Scully – Headteacher. I am Head Teacher at St Joseph’s and joined the school in Septemeber 2013. I was a teacher in Liverpool for 16 years before moving to Matlock as well as being a Governor at my previous school. I attend all the committee meetings and it is always wonderful to see how much time and hard work that our Governing Body are prepared to give for the good of the children at St Joseph’s.When I am not in school I like to spend time with my family and especially like watching my favourite football team, Walsall.Term of Office: 1st September 2013 – Ex officio post No financial / business or third party interest.Appointed by Bishop of Nottingham. Attendance 15/16 – 4/4, 16/17 9/9



Fr Robbie O’Callaghan Term of Office- 1st November 2016 – 31st October 2020 Appointed by Bishop of Nottingham Attendance 16/17 6/9



Mrs Jennifer Charleson – Foundation. I am currently a Finance Officer for the Nottingham Diocese.  I enjoy walking, cycling and socialising.  I chose to be a governor to ensure the stability of the school as I hope to have both my children educated at St Joseph’s.  I have been a governor for 2 years and am responsible for the finance committee as well as being Link Governor for Sports Premium.Term of Office: 1st December 2013 – 30th November 2017No financial / business interest. I work as a finance officer at the diocese. Appointed by Bishop of Nottingham   Attendance 15/16 – 3/4, 16/17 9/9




Mr James Tate – Community Governor. I am a Finance Director for Sapa, an aluminium manufacturing company.  In my spare time I enjoy walking, cycling, cooking and spending time with my family.  I became a governor to help with the finances of the school, to make a difference, and to give something back to the local community.  I have been a governor for over two years and am part of the finance committee.Term of Office: 30th April 2017 – 29th April 2021 No financial / business or third party interest.Appointed as Community Attendance 15/16 – 4/4, 16/17 8/9



Melanie Barker Chair of Governors -  I am a secondary school teacher where I have responsibility for the Geography department, in addition I also have taken a lead role for implementing recent developments in assessment. I have two children who happily attend St Joseph’s and are thriving on the opportunities that the school offers. I became a governor to help support the strategic development of the school and when not thinking about education, I enjoy a range of creative and outdoor pastimes. Term of office:No financial / business or third party interest. Term of Office: 1st November 2015 - 30th November 2019. Appointed by Bishop of Nottingham Attendance 15/16 – 3/4 16/17 9/9



Karen McCluskey I am semi retired from a career in teaching spanning 31 years in total. I enjoy keeping fit, walking, traveling and spending time with our families – especially our two young grandchildren.  I enjoy being able to do cover work as and when needed. St Joseph’s definitely has a special place in my heart and I look forward to supporting Mr Scully and the staff as they embark on a new journey on the road to becoming a member of the St Robert Lawrence Academy Trust and to celebrating  its 25th birthday this year.No financial / business or  interest. I am a supply teacher and occasionally work at St Joseph’s.  Term of office: 1st February 2016 - 31st January 2020 Appointed by Bishop of Nottingham  Attendance 15/16 – 3/4, 16/17 8/9



Mrs Cathy Walsh.  I joined the governing body in November 2015.  I am a class teacher in Year 4, having taught at St. Joseph’s for 4 years.  However my connection with the school goes back much further than this.  I was a pupil at the Presentation Convent primary school, Lilybank  from 1983 to 1990.  When I started working here 22 years later it was like coming home!I was interested in becoming a staff governor in order to see what happens behind the scenes.  My priority as a teacher is obviously the progress and wellbeing of the children in my class; I believe their success starts with the governance of the school and my role as governor helps me to see the bigger picture. No financial / business or third party interest.

Term of Office: 17th November 2015 – 12th November 2019. Appointed by Bishop of Nottingham Attendance 15/16 – 4/4, 16/17 9/9


Mrs Andrea Wells. Parent -Term of Office – 1st October 2016 – 30th September 2020.   16/17 attended 4/5 meetings


Mrs Josie Pride. Parent Governor.

 I was elected as a parent governor in 2017. For the past few years, I have been looking after with my 3 young boys, as well as volunteering in the local community. I became a governor to support the school and to help shape its strategic direction. When I get the chance, I love being creative!  - Term of Office - 01.05.2017-31.4.2021. Attended  4/4 2016/2017


Sr Eleanor O'Gorman - Foundation Governor Attendance 16/17 9/9



Mr Peter Whalley  –  27th December 2013 – 26th December 2017 (retired in September 2016)

Sister Bernadette Doherty – Foundation – Term of Office: 1st September 2014 – 31st August 2018. (Resigned September 2016)

Fr Bernard Needham – Foundation.Personal Committee  Term of Office: 2011- 1 st September 2016 – (Retired 1st Sep 2016)

Mrs Sarah Herbert (Foundation) 1st January 2013 – 31st December 2016 (Mrs Herbert resigned on 21st September 2015).

Mrs Nichola Ellis (Support Staff) 1st October 2012 – 30th September 2016 (Mrs Ellis was asked to resign in June 2015 due to a reconstitution of Governors)

Mrs Caroline Doxey (Teacher) 18th October 2011 – 17th October 2015. (End of service)

Mrs Andrea Mary Wells – Foundation Term of Office: 1st December 2013 – 30th November 2017 (Mrs Wells resigned in February 2016)

Mr Paul Longden – Foundation.  Term of Office: 31 stJuly 2015