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How will we support your child when they are leaving this school? OR moving on to another class?

We recognise that transitions can be difficult for a child with SEN, and we take steps to ensure that any transition is a smooth as possible.

If your child is in Nursery, there will be opportunities for your child to spend morning or afternoon sessions with his/her new classmates and new teacher/teaching assistant in the Reception classroom. These usually take place at the end of June/beginning of July. Additional visits can be made to the school at different points in the school day ie; playtimes, lunchtimes also. If your child would be helped with a book, photographs or a ‘passport’ to support them in understanding moving to a new school this can be made with them so that they can keep referring to it over the Summer holiday.

If your child is in Reception-Year 5, during July, transition lessons take place with your child’s new class teacher and in his/her new classroom. Information will be passed on to the new class teacher and if appropriate a planning / transition meeting will take place.


If your child is in Year 6 and moving to a new school we will contact the SENCO and ensure they know about any special arrangements or support that need to be made for your child. A meeting will be arranged prior to moving school as well as additional transition days. We will make sure that all records about your child are passed on as soon as possible. We will inform outside agencies that your child has moved to a different school so that the relevant agencies can continue to support them


As with all children, their new class teacher is to be invited to any meetings that are arranged during the summer term prior to moving classes.