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How are decisions made about how much support my child will receive and how will I be involved in the discussions and planning?

Class teachers plan lessons according to the specific needs of all groups of children in their class and will ensure that your child’s needs are met.


The SENCO uses Provision Mapping to identify children who are not making required progress and highlight possible interventions and monitor the impact.


Support staff, under the direction of the class teacher, can adapt planning to support the needs of your child where necessary.


Specific resources and strategies will be used to support your child individually and in groups-Numicon, Number squares, sloping desks, computer programmes, triangular pencils, coloured overlays, visual timetables.


Parents’ meetings will occur each term to discuss your child’s progress and support but additional meetings can be arranged. You will also receive copies of IEPs. If you wish to meet with Mrs Heenan, please arrange a meeting with the school office.