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History @ St Joseph’s

What is History?


It is a written record of the development of human societies; an awareness of the past, its people and events.


What are the aims when teaching History?


  • It is important that pupils recognise the distinction between past and present, in their own and other people’s lives.
  • To understand that the society in which they live has been shaped by events in the past.
  • To demonstrate factual knowledge and an understanding of aspects of the past.
  • To learn to study historical evidence, asking questions and solving problems.
  • To be able to describe characteristic features of past societies and periods; and to identify changes within and across a period of time.
  • To appreciate how and why some aspects of the past are subject to different interpretations.


Organisation of the Curriculum


  • Foundation Stage pupils learn History as part of ‘Knowledge and Understanding of the World’, focusing mainly on their own past, and family memories and artefacts.
  • Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils cover aspects of History identified within the new curriculum. This study can be integrated with that of other subjects within a topic framework.
  • History is taught in mixed ability groups.


Strategies for teaching History


  • Pupils are encouraged to do their own research at some time during a History topic, and to communicate their findings to others using a variety of methods.
  • There are visits organised by school, e.g. to museums or historical sites, to back up History topics.
  • Visitors to school are also used.
  • A range of media resources, e.g. books, television programmes, film clips, and the internet are used to enrich this curriculum area.
  • Drama and role play are used to support and reinforce historical fact.
  • Displays in the classroom and around the school stimulate imagination; children’s work within a display gives pupils a sense of achievement.