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As you are aware, attendance is an incredibly important factor in the progress your child makes in school. The attendance at St Joseph’s has always been a positive point of the school and I appreciate and thank parents for their support and help. However, as a school we are always mindful that we need to strive to maintain and improve our standards in every way and  attendance is no exception.


Below are  two charts which detail how many lessons can be missed over a period of time if a child is regularly off. These are intended to help parents understand what impact days off can have over a school year. Obviously, every child can be unwell at times and we have always asked that children return to school after illness when they are fully recovered. I appreciate and understand that children will be unwell at some point but this is always considered when looking  at the attendance as a whole as well as in individual cases.


Our school attendance is regularly monitored by the Head Teacher. If a child’s attendance falls below an expected level and absences are unauthorised, he will contact parents to discuss how we can support the child so that their attendance can improve. The vast majority of times, we are aware of ‘one off’ exceptional authorised absences and take this into account when monitoring attendance.


We share weekly class attendance figures with the children in assembly. Each class has their attendance figure displayed outside their class. At the end of each term chidlren can earn a bronze, silver or gold attendance award badge. For each term that a child has 100% attendance they receive the a badge, starting with bronze and building to gold for 100% attendance for the whole year.


To ensure consistency as much as possible, the letter below was sent out to parents in July 2014 from all schools in our cluster explaining our cluster wide position on holidays during term time. I hope this clarifies and explains our decisions regarding parents taking children out of school during school time.

Attendance for 2013 / 2014 – 95.4% (Authorised 3.74%, unauthorised 0.85%)


Attendance for 2014/2015 – 95.69%


Our target for this year is to exceed the LA average of 96.5%.


September 2015 to 13 November 2016 attendance is 96.56%